Parallel MP3 Encoding
Version 0.92.1b5
Released: September 3, 2000


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    MP3 Encoding with Extreme Prejudice

  • Please note that this should be considered an UNSTABLE and EXPERIMENTAL version of the BladeEnc MP3 encoder. If you want a stable, high quality MP3 encoder, please visit the BladeEnc home page and download the latest stable release.

    This page is here for discussion and explanation of my implementation of a parallel MP3 encoder. That is, I took Tord Jansson's excellent BladeEnc MP3 encoder and parallelized it with the Message Passing Interface (MPI). I don't proclaim to know anything about the details of MP3 encoding - I just parallelized it. :-)

    Tord and I have discussed the parallelization of BladeEnc via email for a while, but we keep getting caught up in our own work and the conversation has been very slow (I think my first release of this software was back in January, 2000 or so). Hence, we finally decided that the best thing to facilitate the development process (in true open source spirit) would be to put it on all on a web page, let people see the code, and open up the discussion on the BladeEnc developer's mailing list.

    There are several reasons that I did this - see the Why? page for the details.

    MPI, for those of you who don't know, is an industry standard for parallel computing. Every major hardware vendor has an implementation of the MPI API tuned for high performance on their architecture. There are two notable freeware MPI implementations that work on just about any flavor of Unix as well. As such, this parallel MP3 encoder is highly portable to any kind of parallel hardware that you can get your grubby little hands on.

    Shameless plug: the freeware MPI that I maintain is LAM/MPI. That's why you see LAM/MPI logos all over these pages.

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