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From: Kotelnikov E.V. (eug.kot_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-06-14 05:26:59

Dear sirs,


I start to use MPI.NET, but I have a problem.


I have the cluster based on MS Compute Cluster Server 2003 (two nodes,
Gigabit Ethernet), mpiexec and Job Scheduler work normally. I installed
MPI.NET on both nodes, the test program (pingpong.exe) work correctly (on
single machine).

But when I run pingpong.exe from network folder, I get error message:



Unhandled Exception: System.Security.SecurityException: That assembly does
not allow partially trusted callers.

asm, PermissionSet granted, PermissionSet refused, RuntimeMethodHandle rmh,
SecurityAction action, Object demand, IPermission permThatFailed)

   at MPIHello.Program.Main(String[] args)

The action that failed was:


The assembly or AppDomain that failed was:

MPIHello, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null

The Zone of the assembly that failed was:


The Url of the assembly that failed was:

file://server/shared/MPIhello.exe <file:///\\server\shared\MPIhello.exe>



In .NET Framework 2.0 Configuration / Runtime Security Policy for all Code
Groups is set to FullTrust, but it doesn't help.

Can you help me? I'd be very thankful.

I'm sorry for my poor English, please.


Evgeniy, Russia