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From: Matti Bickel (cat5_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-05-11 18:52:37


as promised, I uploaded a ebuild into the main gentoo tree. If
you are on x86/amd64 or ppc (as I am), you can just
"echo '=sys-cluster/mpi-dotnet-1.0.0 ~x86' >> /etc/portage/package.use"
to mark it installable (if x86 is your arch) and emerge it with
"emerge -av sys-cluster/mpi-dotnet"

The ebuild includes three easy patches to the current 1.0.0 source. It'd
be awesome if those could be merged into mainline. I still don't get how
you can even build the linux versions w/o them, as they're affecting the

I encountered one problem, though. You will notice that the ebuild CAN
execute the test suite, but won't. This is because it reproducibly hangs
here and on our faculty's test cluster sometime into the test suite:

Broadcast<int>(int[]) Passed == True
Broadcast<string>(string[]) Passed == True
Barrier Test...
Barrier Test Passed == True
Allgather<string>() Passed == True
Allgather<int>() Passed == True
Alltoall<int>(int[]) Passed == True
Alltoall<string>(string[]) Passed == True
Reduce<int>(int) Passed == True
Reduce<string>(string) (Passed == True)
Reduce<int>(int[]) Passed == True
Reduce<string>(string[]) Passed == True
Allreduce<int> Passed == True
Allreduce<string> Passed == True
Allreduce<int>(int[]) Passed == True
Allreduce<string>(string[]) Passed == True

Unhandled Exception: MPI.MessageTruncatedException: MPI_ERR_TRUNCATE:
message truncated
  at MPI.Intercommunicator.ReduceScatter[Int32] (System.Int32[]
  inValues, MPI.ReductionOperation`1 op, System.Int32[] counts,
  System.Int32[]& outValues) [0x00000]
    at IntercommunicatorTest.IntercommunicatorTest.Main (System.String[]
    args) [0x00000]

I was unable to pin down the error yet, but maybe some of you have an
idea what could cause this.

Lastly, I'm currently doing some performance testing with this build and
am looking for related work.
I'm aware of the original paper on, are there any other
publications/benchmarks that I've not yet found?

MfG, Matti Bickel
Encrypted/Signed Email preferred