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From: CarGa (carga_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-05-02 14:02:57

Hi, all! Hi, Matti,

> > Do you continue to develop MPI.NET?
> I've seen no updates to the codebase in the last months. I'm keeping a
> set of patches to build MPI.NET on gentoo, so if you post them here, I
> will happily include them.

Probably, I will be interested to build MPI.NET under Ubuntu 10.04. Are there a lot of problems for Linux-lovers on this way? =)

Also I've realized that the most important lesson was not covered in the Tutorial: how to run PingPong.exe or MPIHello.exe on several separate computers? Currently I face authentication problem: smpd server uses Windows NTLM authentication and the client fails to pass it.

Is it possible to use MPI.NET in Linux? What project should I use as replacement for HPC SDK? Open MPI?

> But I've seen no comment from upstream and I personally think they're
> not interested anymore.

It's a pity =(((. I used to become familiar with pure MPI several years ago, but I was not ready to understand it. Now I found MPI.NET, but if it died already... Very sad. There is no way to contribute without full SVN access and there is no fun to develop for outdated project. =(((

> > Are there some custom MPI data types, that have no upper limit to their values?
> I don't know of any, sorry. If you come up with your own, MPI.NET should
> serialize and send it just as well.

I have used <double>.Add, but I am not happy with this solution. I believe there must be OverflowException in such cases, because it is as easy to overflow double as to overflow int (and Double has additional rounding issues).

Best regards,