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From: Matti Bickel (mabi_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-05-02 14:17:46

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On 05/02/2010 08:02 PM, CarGa wrote:
> Probably, I will be interested to build MPI.NET under Ubuntu 10.04.
> Are there a lot of problems for Linux-lovers on this way? =)

You should have a look at

You may or may not need those patches. AFAIK, they haven't been merged
upstream and at least for me, the build breaks without them.

> Also I've realized that the most important lesson was not covered in
> the Tutorial: how to run PingPong.exe or MPIHello.exe on several
> separate computers?

It's hidden in Microsoft's Forum, as they obviously like you to buy the
HPC Server version of Windows (including a scheduler, that will do this
work for you).
I got it work via running smpd -d on every machine under the user that
would run the jobs. That seemed to work.

> Is it possible to use MPI.NET in Linux? What project should I use as
> replacement for HPC SDK? Open MPI?

I tested it with all major MPI implementations. MPICH-2 it won't even
compile against, OpenMPI I got to work. So it's best to go with OpenMPI,

> There is no way to contribute
> without full SVN access and there is no fun to develop for outdated
> project. =(((

Dunno. Just start a github fork and see who's interested. Personally,
I've found dealing with (the still actively maintained) mpi4py easier.

> I have used <double>.Add, but I am not happy with this solution. I
> believe there must be OverflowException in such cases, because it is
> as easy to overflow double as to overflow int (and Double has
> additional rounding issues).

Might use decimal to get around some of the issue. But it's not
unbounded, too.
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