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From: Ben Martin (benjmart_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-06-03 12:51:11

Well, first, on Linux MPI.NET can in theory be used with just about any
MPI (though there are sometimes build problems with certain MPIs- but it
works for a lot, and there are patches available that will make it work
for others too).

On Windows, the released binaries work only with MS-MPI, BUT the current
trunk version (see here for how
get the source) in theory can be built against MPICH2. It's been a while
but I think you can get that to work by defining the constant "MPICH2"
before building. You'll still need Visual Studio to build MPI.NET, and
you'll have to get MPI.NET to build (which SHOULD just work... famous
last words...), but if you do all that, you can distribute your app and
your built MPI.NET binaries with it, and it should work with MPICH2. At
least, in theory.

Ben Martin

Jason Yunger wrote:
> I'm new to mpi. I'm wondering if there is a way to use mpi in C# that
> does not require purchasing MS Compute Cluster servers? I've
> installed MPICH2 on several computers in my home network, and
> successfully distributed C/C++ applications across all the processors.
> However, mpiexec hangs when I try to run a HelloWorld.exe compiled in
> C#. From my limited understanding this makes some sense since the
> MPICH2 docs say the apps need to be compiled with the same compiler
> that compiled the mpi framework. I'd like to know for sure if there
> is no free way to distribute C# applications using MPI.
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