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From: Geof Sawaya (Geof.Sawaya_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-02-28 17:52:43

Dear users of MPI.NET:

I'm writing you to announce the release of ISP.NET at .

This is a new release of the University of Utah's Gauss Group's tool ISP (, a code level verifier for MPI programs (that checks for deadlocks, assertion violations, and other MPI issues over all relevant interleavings of the MPI processes).

New features include:

*Support for MPI.NET
*Visual Studio extension for VS 2010
*Includes most current ISP core

The Codeplex page includes a release .msi, plus installation and usage instructions. Comments, questions and discussions may also be accessed at Codeplex.

ISP.NET is a great tool to to use to verify MPI.NET programs.

ISP.NET is also a useful learning tool, allowing new MPI / MPI.NET users a way to gain experience with MPI by experimenting and seeing the results without leaving the Visual Studio environment.

Best regards,