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From: Яна Седова (y.a.sedova_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-12-14 12:17:21

Thank you very much, but I have concentrated on the MPI standard, have found some materials about it and it's hard to start again. MPI.NET seems to be very convenient for the education. It is a pity that its last release is dated 2008.

14 декабря 2011, 12:33 от carga <carga_at_[hidden]>:
 From what I know about MPI.NET, the project is in zombie state know.
 If you would like to give your students really nice Message Passing paradigma experience, I'd advice you to pay your attention at MPAPI library
 This library is fairly simple and gives very nice starting point for students: there are some obvious improvements for this lib which will be very interesting to them.
 Best regards,
 PS Thow MPAPI is not MPI standard, it is much better. If you HAVE to study MPI standard, that's completely another story.
 PPS If MPAPI project is interesting to you, I'm ready to share my own real-life experience and improvement ideas. Probably it's even worth to put this lib on GitHub as OpenSource project...
 On 12/13/2011 9:00 PM,[hidden] wrote:
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