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From: Jean-Michel.Perraud_at_[hidden]
Date: 2013-12-11 17:37:47


I am not sure the mailing list is working (I cannot access the mail archives) but will give it a try.

Colleagues and I are using MPI.NET to calibrate a hydrologic model. We started porting it to run on a Mono/Linux setup, and needed to adjust a few things to make it work. We are using GIT internally to version these adjustments. We'd be of course glad to submit these rather than keep internal.

I see there is a bit of recent activity on the original SVN repository of the project. I'd like to open a discussion about hosting it say on github.

I'd also like to manage references to MPI.NET via NuGet if possible (not sure how the packaging handles platform specific builds, as may be needed for the various MPI native libraries on Linux).

I'd like to get comments/suggestions from the owners of the project legacy.