If you are running on a single machine you don’t need to specify the –hosts switch; simply run: mpiexec myapp.exe


To run msmpi on multiple nodes, use Windows Compute Cluster Server (v1) or, Windows HPC Server (v2) now in beta 2.


Your third option is to first run the smpd daemon on the two node, this is not a supported configuration.

e.g., logon to each one of the nodes, and run smpd –d 1

then run the mpiexec command.



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Subject: [MPI.NET] A connection problem




I am trying to connect another computer to run a MPI.net program.

The command I am using is:

C:\Qi\VS2005 projects\MPIHello\bin\Debug>mpiexec -hosts 2 ZWU-XP3G WT-QZHU0508 C


and the error message is:

mpiexec running on wt-qzhu0508 is unable to connect to msmpi service on ZWU-XP3G

Other MPI error, error stack:
MPIDU_Sock_post_connect_filter(1278): unable to connect to ZWU-XP3G on port 8677
, exhausted all endpoints
MPIDU_Sock_post_connect_filter(1328): unable to connect to ZWU-XP3G on port 8677
, No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.  (
errno 10061)

Can anybody tell me how can I work it out? Thanks a lot.

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