I am developping MPI.NET application by C# with VisualStudio2008 sp1 and MS-MPI. This application consists of two independent programs.
 But two programs communicate by MPI.
 The cluster is not building by AD. MS-MPI is installed from HPC Pack 2008 SDK with SP1.
 I know that the starting method of these programs as follows.
mpiexec -n 1 -host host1 test1.exe : -n 1 -host host2 test2.exe

However, I do not understand how to debug these two programs simultaneously.
 For example, without using mpiexec, if two programs can be started separately, it can debug. In mpitch2 of ANL, each program was able to be started manually, without using mpiexec.
As another method, how to build MPI communication after starting two programs individually.

 Please let me know, if the good method is known.

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(2010/03/03 15:15), 染次 孝博 wrote:

 Thank you.
 I tyied several debug option settings.
 When the debugger type was switched to the auto or mixed or managed , it operated well.

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(2010/03/03 4:26), Robert Palmer wrote:

Hi Takahiro,


There are lots of stars that need to be aligned to make the debugger work with managed code. 

I would check on the following:


1.       Are you using VS 2008 SP1?

2.       Are you able to run your managed app on the compute nodes without debugging?

3.       Did you deploy the right remote debugger?


If none of the above lead you to a solution, please send me an email directly and we will try to figure it out.


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 I did not go well though I debugged as shown in the "Debugging MPI.NET Program in Visual Studio" by Indiana Univ..
 The project was made specifying the exe file as written in the manual , and the MPI cluster debugger was set.
 However, even if the breakpoint was set, it was not possible to break temporarily because the made project was different from the project including the source code.
 Please teach how to debug it.

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