I have downloaded MPI.NET Version 1.0.0 from the URL I have also downloaded  the SDK and Microsoft Cluster also. Tested the API as defined in the tutorial. Now, I have 2 systems connected via local area network. I have installed MPI.NET in 2 of the machines for inter-process communication. Now, I want to  manually create a dataset with 1 Lakh records. From the first machine I need to access 50 thousand records out of the 1 Lakh records process them and at the same time in parallel I need to notify the second machine that the first machine is processing first 50 thousand records and the first machine should inform the second machine that it can process the next 50 thousand records. So that, in parallel I’m using both the machines for processing the dataset which can result in higher performance. I need to do a quick POC with the API.


Which is the best way to approach ? How shall approach this problem context ? Kindly help.