I am trying to compile mpi.net on linux but I get to this stopping point after running ./configure

checking for mpiexec... /opt/apps/intel13/mvapich2/1.9/bin/mpiexec
checking which MPI is available... MPICH2-based
checking for location of mpi.h... /opt/apps/intel13/mvapich2/1.9/include/mpi.h
checking for MPI_Init in -lpmpich... no
checking for PMPI_Init in -lmpich... yes
configure: error:  MPICH library is built statically.
      Please install MPICH built as a shared library by configuring MPICH with
      the --enable-sharedlibs=??? option)

I verified that the shared library is actually on the lib folder:

login4$ ls
clog2print.jar         libfmpich.so.8       libmpichcxx.so        libmpl.a          mpe_prof.o
clog2TOdrawable.jar    libfmpich.so.8.0.1   libmpichcxx.so.8      libmpl.la         pkgconfig
clog2TOslog2.jar       liblmpe.a            libmpichcxx.so.8.0.1  libmpl.so         slog2filter.jar
clogprint.jar          libmpe.a             libmpichf90.a         libmpl.so.1       slog2navigator.jar
clogTOdrawable.jar     libmpe_collchk.a     libmpichf90.la        libmpl.so.1.0.0   slog2printrecur.jar
clogTOslog2.jar        libmpe_f2cmpi.a      libmpichf90.so        libopa.a          slog2printserial.jar
jumpshot.jar           libmpe_nompi.a       libmpichf90.so.8      libopa.la         slog2update205to206.jar
jumpshot_launcher.jar  libmpe_nompi_null.a  libmpichf90.so.8.0.1  libopa.so         traceprint.jar
libampe.a              libmpe_null.a        libmpich.la           libopa.so.1       trace_rlog
libfmpich.a            libmpich.a           libmpich.so           libopa.so.1.0.0   traceTOslog2.jar
libfmpich.la           libmpichcxx.a        libmpich.so.8         libtmpe.a
libfmpich.so           libmpichcxx.la       libmpich.so.8.0.1     logconvertor.jar

Anybody has a clue?