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  • Software Release: Tuned MPI Graph 500 Implementation with 2-D Data Distribution

    Date: 11/02/2013

    Graph 500 uses a two-dimensional data distribution and several other techniques for scalable performance on large systems and graphs. "Big Data" and other unstructured, irregular applications have become increasingly important in the past few years, and high-performance computing is being applied to these problems. However, standard benchmarks used for supercomputers, particularly LINPACK, do not measure performance on these new types of applications. The Graph 500 benchmark is a community effort to produce a benchmark representative of system performance on graph algorithms and other irregular applications. This software represents the tuned implementation of Graph 500 used for Argonne National Laboratory's Intrepid and Indiana University's Big Red 2 systems; it should be portable to any system with MPI.

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    -- Jeremiah Willcock