CREST of IU receives Grant from NSF for Collaborative Research Proposal: "Workshop on perfSONAR based Multi-domain Network Performance Measurement and Monitoring"

The National Science Foundation awarded a grant of $400,000 to CREST of Indiana University for support of the project described below. This award started 9/15/14. Martin Swany is lead PI.


This project is enhancing the perfSONAR network measurement system to improve the application impact and utility of network performance information.  The perfSONAR system monitors and measures the network cyberinfrastructure that connects scientists with resources and ever-increasing data.  Our work is increasing the impact of this network telemetry on the performance of large-scale data applications by calibrating network data and making it actionable.

While we can determine when the network is behaving correctly and when it is lightly or heavily loaded, we have yet to provide scientific workflows the same level of performance estimation that we can expect from a navigation system in a car.  Our work is to calibrate and quantify data from networks and applications in order to provide reasonable predictions for the logistics of moving scientific data.  This includes controlled experiments under repeatable conditions as well as longitudinal studies with high performance networks and applications.

In addition, we are working toward scaling the perfSONAR ecosystem orders of magnitude.  We are moving toward a more scalable service model for subscribing components and developing autonomic configuration and management of measurement activities.  As the perfSONAR system moves outside the network operations community, many aspects of scalability will need to be addressed.

Thursday, September 25, 2014
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