• Kevin Bohan
    Principal Software Research Engineer



    Educational Background

    B.S., 2010, Computer Science, Indiana University

    Research Interests

    • Parallel and distributed computing
    • Software-defined networking
    • Semantic Web & Linked Data
    • Embedded systems
    • Graph analytics

    Recent Research Projects

    • U.S. Department of Defense HPC Modernization Program (DOD HPCMOD)
    • U.S. Department of Energy eXascale Programming Environment and System Software (XPRESS)
    • NNSA Center for Shock Wave-processing of Advanced Reactive Materials (C-SWARM)
    • PXGL graph library

    Recent Professional Activity

    • Lead Software Engineer, NSF Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) mesoscale operations (2012-2013)
    • Contributor, Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI) ExoGENI network control framework (2012-2013)
    • Principal Software Analyst, GENI Meta-Operations Center (2012-2013)
    • Principal Software Analyst, Global Research Network Operations Center (2010-2013)
    • Developed software for: the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) research network, Internet2 Network core, TransitRail Commercial Peering Service, the North Carolina Research & Education Network (NCREN), the I-Light regional optical network, and the Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX) GigaPOP
    • Project Manager, Kuali Foundation Knowledge Management System (2008-2010)
    • Software Architect, Indiana University Knowledge Base (2006-2010)
    • Software Engineer, TeraGrid (XSEDE) (2008)