• Jeremiah Willcock
    Research Associate


    Jeremiah Willcock

    Research Associate

    Educational Background

    • Ph.D., 2007, Computer Science, Indiana University
    • M.S., 2002, Computer Science and Engineering, University of Notre Dame du Lac
    • B.S., 1999, Computer Science, Northern Michigan University

    Research Interests

    • High-performance computing, especially in the area of graph algorithms and other irregular algorithms.
    • Designing appropriate abstractions to attain high performance while still allowing code reuse. The main techniques used for this are generic programming in C++ and template metaprogramming, with other forms of parameterization and code generation used as necessary

    Recent Research Projects

    • Researching abstractions to express graph algorithms on distributed-memory parallel computers as part of the Parallel Boost Graph Library effort.

    Recent Professional Activity Member of program committees:

    • Conference on Generative Programming and Component Engineering 2010, 2011
    • Workshop on High-Level Parallel Programming Models and Supportive Environments 2011
    • Poster/Student Research Competition co-chair for Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques 2009.
    • Numerous other paper reviews.

    Recent Publications