• Thomas Sterling


    Thomas Sterling

    CREST Director 
    Professor of Computer Science, School of Informatics and Computing
    CSRI Fellow, Sandia National Laboratories

    Educational Background

    • Ph.D. EE, 1984, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Laboratory for Computer Science
    • EE, 1983, MIT, Laboratory of Computer Science
    • SMEE, 1981, MIT, Electrical Power Systems Engineering Laboratory
    • BSEE., 1974, Old Dominion University, Electrical Engineering Department

    Research Interests

    • Parallel execution models
    • HPC runtime system software for efficiency and scalability
    • Innovative computing architecture
    • Knowledge management, understanding, decision, and planning

    Recent Research Projects

    • XPRESS Project – DOE sponsored: develop X-stack system software for exascale computing
    • PXGL – NSF sponsored: synthesize boost graph library and ParalleX execution methods
    • MEM – DOE sponsored:  develop methods for evaluation and comparison of execution models
    • PXFS – NSF sponsored:  develop a new persistent storage system for unified name space with mass storage
    • BIG – DOD sponsored: transition ParalleX system software to DOD platforms
    • Small – DOD sponsored: demonstrate dynamic methods for strong scaling of mission-critical applications

    Relevant Patents, Copyrights, and Software

    • Dynamic Rate Integrating Demand Monitor, U.S. Patent No. 4317175, February 1982; T.L. Sterling, R.D. Williams.
    •  Serial Multi-Drop Data Link, Patent No. 46084700, August 1986, J.L. Kirtley, T.L. Sterling, R.D. Williams.
    • Method and Apparatus for Monitoring Electronic Apparatus Activity, Patent No. 4872121, October 1989; E.Y. Chan and T.L. Sterling.
    • Static Dataflow Computer with a Plurality of Control Structures Simultaneously and Continuously Monitoring First and Second Communication Channel, Patent No. 49604042, October 1990; T.L. Sterling and E.Y. Chan.
    • Method and Apparatus for Monitoring Software Execution in a Parallel Multiprocessor Computer System, Patent No. 5047919, September 1991; T.L. Sterling and Donald J. Becker.

    Professional Membership

    •  Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
    • Association for Computing Machinery
    • American Association for the Advancement of Science

    Recent Publications