• Jayashree Candadai
    Principal Software Research Engineer


    Principal Software Research Engineer

    Educational Background

    • Pursuing Executive MBA at Kelley School of Business, Indiana University
    • MS., 2009, Computer Science, University of Oklahoma
    • B.E., 2002, Electrical and Electronics, Vishweshwaraiah Technological University, India
    • ABB certified Project Management Professional and Certified ScrumMaster

    Recent Research Projects

    Synergistic Activites at IU

    Past Research Projects

    • U.S. Department of Defense HPC Modernization Program (DOD HPCMOD)

    Research Interests

    • High Performance Parallel and Distributed computing
    • Networking
    • Embedded systems
    • Wireless sensor networks
    • Safety critical systems
    • Software Engineering


    • Achievement Spot Award in 2006 for work on Tricore Microcontrollers

    Recent Professional Activity

    • Senior System Engineer and Quality Manager, Systransis AG, Switzerland (2011-2013)

      • Specification, Design and Implementation of Tunnel Automatic Gotthard TAG, components for the Train Traffic control System Gotthard Base Tunnel, Switzerland.
      • Operational data analysis (prototypical elements and verification tool) for the TAG, Switzerland.
      • Quality Management - Responsible for Quality Assurance of Management and Products to Safety Standards (CENELAC) and ISO 9001.
    • Graduate Research Assistant, University of Oklahoma (2008-2009)

      • Distributed algorithms for sink tree construction in Wireless Sensor Networks using promiscuous learning.
      • CIPHER Project - Specification, Design and Implementation of Cargo container Security using Wireless Sensor Networks
    • Senior Software Engineer and Project Manager, Infineon Technologies, R&D, India (2002-2006)

      • Technical Project Management of TC1130 Tricore Microcontroller and TES.
      • Specification, Design and Implementation of USB Device Driver for TC1130.
      • Specification, Design and Implementation of Embedded Software Development Environment.
      • Design and Implementation of output buffered router for Infineon Network Protocol processor.
      • Design and Implementation of IPv6 benchmark framework and its implementation on MIPS R3000 and PP32.

    Recent Publications

    • Alice Koniges, Jayashree Ajay Candadai, Hartmut Kaiser, Adrian Serio, Kevin Huck, Jeremy Kemp, Thomas Heller, Friedrich-Alexander, Matthew Anderson, Andrew Lumsdaine, Thomas Sterling, and Ron Brightwell. HPX Applications and Performance Adaptation, November 2015.
      Note: Poster Presentation at the SC15 Posters, SC15 Austin, Texas.
      Keywords: HPX. [bibtex-entry]

    • Jayashree Ajay Candadai, Sridhar Radhakrishnan, Venkatesh Sarangan, and V. Mahendran. Distributed Sink Tree Construction in Wireless Sensor Networks with Promiscuous Learning. In Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC Fall), IEEE 80th., January 2014. [bibtex-entry]