Graph Library in Eiffel

The library was developed and tested with ISE EiffelStudio 5.2.1312 Free Edition. All the sources are in the eiffel_bgl subdirectory, as well as the the control file Ace.ace. The root class of the test program is MAIN. To build the test program, you can either use the Eiffel Studio IDE or a command line interface.

  1. Edit the Ace.ace file. Fix the path on the line starting with root_cluster to the full path of the eiffel_bgl directory.
  2. Using the IDE:
    1. Launch Eiffel Studio.
    2. Select 'Open existing Ace (control file)', and open the Ace.ace file you just edited.
    3. Use the IDE to compile and launch the test program.
  3. Using the command line:
    1. $ ec -project_path your_path_to_eiffel_bgl/eiffel_bgl -ace Ace.ace
    2. $ cd your_path_to_eiffel_bgl/eiffel_bgl/EIFGEN/W_code
    3. $ finish_freezing
    4. $ ./eiffel_bgl