The Iterative Template Library
Generic Components for High Performance Scientific Computing
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 The Open Systems Laboratory at Indiana University is committed to ensuring the highest quality for the Iterative Template Library. We do this as a service to the scientific computing community as a whole, and for our own benefit, since our future research directions make heavy use of the MTL. Responses to bug reports will be prompt, and requests for features will be weighed in prioritizing the to-do list.
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 Feel free to submit bugs, requests, etc. to and to browse the archive of other's submissions and our replies here. Especially welcome are bug reports that come with the fix!
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This is a mailing list for MTL announcements regarding releases, important patches, etc.
This is a mailing list for those interested in contributing and aiding in the development of MTL.

Users can subscribe to the lists by visiting the mtl-announce page or the mtl-devel page.

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