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Wait for a message from the given source and with the specified tag to become available, but don't try to receive the message. This routine will wait indefinitely for a message meeting the given criteria to arrive, so it should only be invoked when you know a message is coming. If you just want to check whether a message is available use ImmediateProbe(Int32, Int32).

Namespace:  MPI
Assembly:  MPI (in MPI.dll)
Version: (


public Status Probe(
	int source,
	int tag
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Function Probe ( _
	source As Integer, _
	tag As Integer _
) As Status
Visual C++
Status^ Probe(
	int source, 
	int tag


Type: System..::.Int32
The process that sent (or that will send) the message. This must be a value in [0, Size-1), or the special value anySource. If it is anySource, then we can match a message sent by any other process in this communicator.
Type: System..::.Int32
A message "tag" that identifies this particular kind of message. Only messages sent with this tag will be matched by this call. The special value anyTag permits messages sent with any tag value to be received.

Return Value

A Status object containing information about the message.

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