A CartesianCommunicator is a form of Intracommunicator whose processes are arranged in a grid of arbitrary dimensions.

Namespace:  MPI
Assembly:  MPI (in MPI.dll)
Version: (


public class CartesianCommunicator : TopologicalCommunicator
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Class CartesianCommunicator _
	Inherits TopologicalCommunicator
Visual C++
public ref class CartesianCommunicator : public TopologicalCommunicator


Each node in a CartesianCommunicator has not only a rank but also coordinates indicating its place in an n-dimensional grid. Grids may be specified as periodic (or not) in any dimension, allowing cylinder and torus configurations as well as simple grids. Cartesian communicators are often used in applications where the data is distributed across a logical grid of the processes. These applications can become both simpler and more efficient due to the use of Cartesian communicators, which provide the ability to translate between process coordinates and ranks and can provide improved placement of MPI processes on the processing elements on the parallel computer.

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