MPI-2 C++ Bindings

This package consists of an implementation of the MPI-2 C++ bindings as determined by the MPI Forum. The MPI-2 C++ bindings are a layer built directly on top of the MPI-1 C bindings, and works with just about any underlying C implementation of MPI.

The C++ bindings are specified in Chapter 10 of the MPI-2 standard.

This package is no longer developed or maintained. Its original goal was to provide a portable implementation of the MPI-2 C++ bindings that could be used with any MPI implementation that did not already have its own C++ bindings. Since now most/all MPI implementations have their own C++ bindings, the need for this package no longer exists.

For anyone who still needs C++ bindings, please see the LAM implementation of MPI. The C++ bindings have been integrated into LAM/MPI, and development has continued there. The stable 6.x version of LAM/MPI has a version very similar to the last version that used to be offered on this web page. Starting with LAM 7.0, a much more complete package is offered (e.g., including bindings for MPI-2 functions). Please feel free to see LAM/MPI's CVS repository.

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