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Matrix Template Library
Files File names Size MD5 sum (GNU md5sum 1.22)
Unix, see note 1. mtl-2.1.2-23.tentative.tar.gz 322KB 0be5e98664d19939b1030d25ab12f132
Visual Studio 2005, see note 2. 15KB ce64448b8e67a828b4fb8dc72bf60a5e
Unix (additionally tested with GCC 3.3, 3.4, 4.0) mtl-2.1.2-22.tar.gz 280KB db4aa87d9b6ca9b83bead3ac73652cbc
Patch for gcc 4.02 from Markus Grabner mtl-2.1.2-22-gcc-4.02.patch.gz 1KB ca91416873b89c2a6d59bd29d63182e1
Patch for Sun Studio C++ 11 (and 10) from Simon Atanasyan, see note 3. mtl-2.1.2-22-sun.patch.gz 2KB b36d184b71be8877b924e598dd8107d8
HTML reference guide mtl_reference.tar.gz 325KB 55b0e94237ee0502283b3ca95335e982
Unix (tested with KCC 3.4x, GCC 3.1, Intel C++ 6.0, and MIPSpro 7.3.1) mtl-2.1.2-21.tar.gz 266KB 9219c998ed30d65fb8e08c305b6d4e46
Visual C++ 7 394KB a74cba9bad142e8a539814c102076d47
Visual C++ 6 386KB b3b1292f11240dfdae30728fdba8d7e7
Metrowerks 1.62MB 2bff33e8ceb126256dd44f0fff165f41
mtl-2.1.2-14.sit 1.62MB 0e379abb0ff2f9f2d3f5faabce88f9c2

  1. Similar to release 22. Patches from Markus Grabner, Simon Atanasyan, and Gunter Winkler are applied. Build system is updated to current version (tested with autoconf 2.59 and automake 1.9).
  2. Version for Visual Studio 2005 provided by Serge Wenger.
  3. There are problems (probably due to the age of MTL) with autoconf 2.59 and automake 1.9 reported by Mark Wilson. You can use autoconf 2.13 and automake 1.4-p6.
    tar xfz mtl-2.1.2-22.tar.gz
    patch -p0 < mtl-2.1.2-22-sun.patch
    cd mtl-2.1.2-22
    automake -a
  4. Many thanks to everybody who contributed to this site, especially Simon Atanasyan, Markus Grabner, Gunter Winkler, and Serge Wenger.