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This page is for developers who want to work on the internals of the Parallel BGL or users who want access to the absolute newest code. Of course, the development version of the Parallel BGL should always be considered experimental: it may not compile, it may not run, or it may give bogus results.

All versions of the Parallel BGL, including unreleased developement versions, are available via anonymous access through Subversion. The Parallel BGL Subversion repository is available at You will need several tools to build a copy of the Parallel BGL retrieved from Subversion:

  • The Parallel BGL uses Subversion for its source code management. You will need to have a Subversion client installed to access the Parallel BGL repository.
  • A recent version of CMake is required for developers to build and test the Parallel BGL in the normal manner. Since the Parallel BGL is mainly composed of C++ headers, it is possible to use the library without any make system (but it will require additional effort).

Once you have these tools, you can check out the latest development version of the Parallel BGL with the command line:

  svn co pbgl

To actually build the Parallel BGL from Subversion, first create a directory to hold your build and run cmake passing the path to your svn checkout as the first argument. This will configure the Parallel BGL and setup your build tree. If configuration fails you can use ccmake to edit the configuration parameters. Once this step is completed, build, test, and install the Parallel BGL as you normally would.