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CREST of IU receives OOPSLA Artifact Award from SPLASH Conference

Region-based Memory Management for GPU Programming Languages: Enabling Rich Data Structures on a Spartan Host

Authors: Eric Holk, Ryan Newton, Jeremy Siek, Andrew Lumsdaine

Harlan: New programming language accelerates GPU computing

It’s an interesting irony of computing that programs – and the programming languages in which they are written – are often much longer-lived than the computing platforms they run on. Computers are constantly evolving as hardware continues to advance, and one of the features of higher-level programming languages is to insulate programmers from those changes. There is a tension however.

Man Invents New Language for Turning Graphics Chips Into Supercomputers

A graphics processing unit, which processes so much more than graphics. Photo: Flickr/Wimox
GPU stands for graphics processing unit, but these tiny chips can be used for much more than just graphics. Google is using GPUs to model the human brain, and Salesforce leans on them as a way of analyzing data streaming across Twitter feeds. They’re particularly suited to what’s known as parallel processing, where thousands of tasks are executed at the same time.

CREST participates at SC12

CREST leaders, scientists, and students are playing an active role at SC12 held in Salt Lake City, Utah in November. Below is a list of CREST activities:

Andrew Lumsdaine - Large-Scale Graph Processing

Thomas Sterling - Plenary talk on "Broader Engagement and Education in the Exascale Era," tutorial on the Basics of Supercomputing, Birds of a Feather (BOF) presentation on HPC Runtime System Software Software, serving as the Panels Chairperson

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