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    Be sure to see the main BladeEnc home page.

  • Please note that this should be considered an UNSTABLE and EXPERIMENTAL version of the BladeEnc MP3 encoder. If you want a stable, high quality MP3 encoder, please visit the BladeEnc home page and download the latest stable release.

    Parallel BladeEnc 0.92.1b5
    Files File names Size MD5 sum (GNU md5sum 1.22)
    Source code bladeenc-parallel-0.92.1b5.tar.Z 482KB bb99a99a621f9aa4a6df6d57b64691c3
    bladeenc-parallel-0.92.1b5.tar.gz 237KB 06975c4aa4a3973d46f516d96b546ef5
    bladeenc-parallel-0.92.1b5.tar.bz2 226KB 22e614f0e50226b304070dc068f22cc7

    You will need an implementation of MPI installed to compile the parallel version of BladeEnc. If you don't have one already, <SHAMELESS_PLUG>might I be so bold as to suggest one: LAM/MPI.</SHAMELESS_PLUG>

    However, if you're working on some kind of "big iron", you should probably obtain the vendor's implementation of MPI for best performance. This list of MPI implementations may be helpful. If you've got a cluster of unix workstations (possibly of different types/flavors), LAM/MPI will probably work just fine.

    NOTE: This version of BladeEnc is NOT meant to replace the real distribution! I am distributing it here mainly as a "proof of concept", and to open the discussion with BladeEnc developers as to the Right Way to do things in parallel. It is likely that the ultimate results of this work will eventually be sucked into the main BladeEnc distribution.

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    October 4, 2001
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